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The program of University Popolare of Caserta separate departments was for the Institution source of synthesis and recovery, adapting educational plans to more modern lines of Pedagogy European Union.
The Social and Health Department who gave five years and is the most prestigious history, of this year has offered considerable food for thought.
The approval of Law 43/06 that art. 1 paragraph 2 provides for the recognition of figures Operator Interest Health in full line with the figures issued of UPC. Indeed thanks to the Law 42/99 and subsequent resolutions implementing, pending adoption of that law has existed a legal vacuum that has left out of the workforce hundreds of students and workers in the health field for non-legal recognition of the profession. Moreover, thanks to Directive 2005/36/EC, implemented by the Government with the Italian Leg. 206/07, has opened a new view of representation at national level for non-regulated professions (such as Interest Health) with the affiliation to a group recognized within the meaning of the art. 26 co 3 of Legislative Decree n. 206/07.
The Legal Department is the latest news from this academic year, the agreement with the University Telematics "Giustino Fortunato" Benevento offers us the opportunity to establish in our headquarters in Caserta in a classroom distance learning in the disciplines of Legal Operator On the Enterprise and Master in Law. The full equivalence with the licences issued by the State University offers the opportunity to have a pole teaching of Law also in the city of Caserta. The study distance is now a reality. Thanks to new technologies and the use of e-learning will have access to studies also no longer young and workers, thanks to tutor the study methods are increasingly customized and adaptable to the needs of the student.
Then the People's University in sign of his best tradition puts the student at the centre of training.
The Department Artistic with the Master of Science in Visual Arts and Entertainment disciplines through recognition of the Fine Arts "Kandinskji" in Trapani offers to our territory an important cultural and artistic opportunities of which he was not bearing.
The Department of International Relations
The free movement of people, resources and capital is the melting of the European Union and it is on this philosophy that the University Popolare di Caserta, jus part of the Confederation of University of the Mediterranean (CUM), has developed through agreements with universities Europeans, cultural exchange possibility of teachers and students in several European countries. The possibility of studying abroad is an experience that for young people of today and the foreseeable future must be seen as necessary in a globalizing reality as the present one. In most European directives 2005/36/EC and 2006/100/EC implemented by the Italian Government always with the Leg. 206/07, allow for legal equivalence of use the title. There are currently Protocol of Collaboration to support the exchange of teachers and students in different disciplines in countries like Ireland, Spain and Romania.

Università Caserta

Università Caserta

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